Apr 20, 2010

Star Fruit can kill!!!

This fruit can end your life!
This is not an April Fool Joke. But a stern reminder to all my readers. We were advised to have a few servings of fruits a day in order to rep the benefits of fruits right? But obviously this is one big "no-no" fruit to be excluded from your fruity feast!

In Shenzen, more than 10 people who consumes the star fruit had died. Now a 66-year-old,
Malaysian who has been suffering from kidney ailment fell into coma after eating the start fruits.
Yes, all it takes is one fruit or 100ml of its juice and the ordinarily harmless star fruit transforms
poison in a matter of hours for kidney patients. So does this mean, people without kidney problems should be fine with star fruit!

My take: Not at all! Prevention is better right?

Universiti Malaya Medical Centre consultant nephrologist said that star fruits contain a neurotoxin which is not present in other fruits. It affects the brain and nerves. In healthy persons, the kidneys filter it out. But for those with kidney problems, this potent toxin cannot be removed and will worsen the consumers' conditions.

The symptoms of start fruit poisoning include:
~Numbness and weakness
~Feeling confused

The risk of death is high if you are having kidney ailments! But healthy individuals should beware of this fruit's potential toxin too.
It could also cripple your vitality if you are not lucky. So don't take it for granted. It's better to avoid them. So be warned.
If you have kidney impairment, DO NOT consume Starfruit or Starfruit juice.


geLaSkaCa said...

mat..seyes ke??

abes tu xleh mkn belimbing la ea?

RastaMat said...

tapi agak2 la..
makan wat lepas gian je..
tapi untuk yg ada problem kidney,
lupekan la..
banyak lagi buah laen..

gelaskaca said...

aku nk makan buah anggur je la..

cm mat saleh..
nty mata leh hazel..